About Megan O'Shea

Megan O’Shea, A Scientist in the Making

Megan O'SheaHi, I’m Megan. I’m 17 and I am studying science at A level. When I am older I want to be a civil engineer and make science documentaries on TV, but right now school life is all about physics, maths and chemistry.

Science Rocks started off life as a chemistry homework 3 years ago.  My first film on The Rock Cycle won an award.  Science Rocks just keeps growing and winning awards every year.  I’ve interviewed some brilliant scientists over the last few years and I’ve done work experience at some amazing places including the National Physical Laboratory, Mott MacDonald and Atkins, and recently Science Rocks has started giving live lectures at local junior schools.

I love music – I’m learning to play drums – and love BVB and MCR.  I enjoy kayaking and I have a black pug named Pixel – you can see her in some of our films.  I also own 14 sheep who live at my friends’ farm.
Megan O'Shea

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