Force and Motion

In the series of films looking at Force and Motion, Science Rocks will be taking a look at the physics of movement. In the first film in the series, we look at some basic definitions of speed, velocity and acceleration, and clarify what they mean. 

Next we look at Time and Motion Graphs to see how they can be interpreted and used to calculate additional information:

Have you ever wondered about the basic forces affecting a sky diver jumping from a plane, or a ball being thrown in the air? In this next video, we examine gravity and air resistance.

A Force is an influence which can change the motion of an object. A Force has a magnitude and a direction, and is measured in terms of Newtons (N).
We have looked at Force in a few different ways at Science Rocks. We have taken a lighthearted look at Newton’s Laws, and have also addressed pressure and levers. Take a look at some of our videos and see if you can answer the knowledge check at the end to test your understanding of what you have learned.
We had such fun making the trailer for this series, we thought we would leave it on the page for you to enjoy.


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