Other People's Animals

Other People’s Animals is a section driven mainly by Elizabeth – our vet in training.  As part of her application to vet school she has to gain experience working with animals.  Whilst much of this experience has not been caught on film, every Easter the Science Rocks team heads over to Somerset and Spring Grove Alpacas and Rare Breeds to help out with lambing.  We have made a series of informative ‘Lambwatch’ videos looking at what really happens during lambing. Elizabeth gets to help out with worming, feet trimming, injections, and lamb care as well as generally learning from the Shepherd and Shepherdess, Scott and Naomi. A word of warning – these films are slightly longer than the usual, so settle in with a cuppa.  A second warning – some of these videos include footage showing lamb births and are not for the squeamish.


Storm, our Grey-faced Dartmoor ewe with Tsunami, her new lamb

Lambwatch 2014:

  • Birthing lambs
  • Ante-natal care
  • Minor birth defects
  • Banding testicles and tails
  • Worming and injections
Lambwatch 2015
    • Immediate ante-natal care
    • Feet care and worming

You can also check out the video we made on Buying a Ram.

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