Chemistry will amaze you!moly

Chemistry is the study of elements and compounds and how they react with each other.  Our videos will help unlock the hidden secrets of the Periodic Table, show you how to turn rocks into metals, and release energy in a way that will amaze you!  It’s all here for you ready to support your GCSE learning and revision.

The study of chemistry starts with a few simple building blocks and once you have the basics, you can build your knowledge of the subject much more easily.  Just check out the subject areas below to take the first steps.

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Organic Chemistry is the study of carbon and hydrogen based molecules ranging from simple alkanes to complex carbohydrates, polymers and proteins.

Our Organic Chemistry films start with a look at Homologous Series. We take you step by step through the properties of Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids. We delve into their chemical properties and discover how to make crude oil into alcohol, vinegar, flavourings for sweets and ice cream, and perfumes and cosmetics. Then we look at Polymers, Soaps and Carbohydrates, and when this is all done, we take a step back to look at fractional distillation and cracking.  Time to take a deep breath and dive in – just click on the topic headings below to link to the videos.


During the course of our filming, we have been fortunate to meet some impressive scientists who have agreed to talk with us about their specific areas of expertise.  Take a look at some of out chemistry focussed interviews below.


Professor Rory Mortimer talks with us about the formation of chalk and flint.

An interview with Charlotte Kenchington of the Charnia Research Group at the BGS


Professor Tom Welton, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College, London tells us about his journey into science and his thoughts for the future of science.

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