To celebrate Science Rocks exhibiting at the Sutton High School Big Bang Near Me, we decided to make a film which mirrored a recent homework we had – investigating Cholera, its causes, symptoms and cures. Enjoy.    
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First Anniversary Lecture

On the 24th September, Science Rocks held their First Anniversary Lecture at Sutton High School.  It was a brilliant event.  The lectures were preceeded by a science exhibition, with exhibits from Science Rocks, Sutton High School STEM, Sutton Grammar...
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A lever is a beam or rigid rod used to magnify force, and although you may not realise it, we use levers every day in order to make our lives easier. From a pair of scissors to a bottle opener, levers magnify the force that we can apply to moving a load....
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Balanced Diet

What makes a balanced diet? Is a balanced diet the same regardless of age, sex, lifestyle? Science Rocks investigates the attributes of a balanced diet and looks at the difference between the diet a swimmer might have vs the diet of a weight-lifter. Once...
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Digestion – otherwise known as an elementary look at the alimentary canal. Science Rocks takes a simple look at the digestive system. We examine the processes and the enzymes involved in breaking down the food you eat into the nutrients your body...
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Ionic and Covalent Bonding

When atoms bond together, they do so either with an ionic bond or a covalent bond, depending on whether there is a metal to non-metal pairing or a non-metal to non-metal pairing.  In this video, Science Rocks explains the difference between ionic and...
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CSI Surrey: Chemical Analysis

Chemical analysis is the process of identifying and quantifying the components of certain materials – it can help you find out what the material is, and whether it is contaminated with any other substances or compounds.  At GCSE level, you learn...
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Under Pressure

In the first of a series of videos about Pressure, Science Rocks takes a look at how an understanding of pressure can help prevent injury.
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Renewable Energy

Find out about the different types of Renewable Energy, and some of the pros and cons of each type in our video.  
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DNA – Deoxyribonucleic Acid

DNA – what does it stand for and what does it do? The instructions for life, contained within the nucleus of each living cell, DNA is an enigma locked in a mystery, wrapped in a conundrum. Science Rocks presents a beginners guide to the double...
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