To celebrate Science Rocks exhibiting at the Sutton High School Big Bang Near Me, we decided to make a film which mirrored a recent homework we had – investigating Cholera, its causes, symptoms and cures. Enjoy.    
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Balanced Diet

What makes a balanced diet? Is a balanced diet the same regardless of age, sex, lifestyle? Science Rocks investigates the attributes of a balanced diet and looks at the difference between the diet a swimmer might have vs the diet of a weight-lifter. Once...
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Digestion – otherwise known as an elementary look at the alimentary canal. Science Rocks takes a simple look at the digestive system. We examine the processes and the enzymes involved in breaking down the food you eat into the nutrients your body...
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DNA – Deoxyribonucleic Acid

DNA – what does it stand for and what does it do? The instructions for life, contained within the nucleus of each living cell, DNA is an enigma locked in a mystery, wrapped in a conundrum. Science Rocks presents a beginners guide to the double...
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Heart Beat

What happens to your heart beat when you exercise?
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