Elizabeth O'Shea - A Vet in Training

Elizabeth O'SheaOne girl, 14 sheep and a whole lot of books.

I have always loved science, I have always loved reading and ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a vet.  I’ve worked on my friends’ farm (where I have my own sheep), helping with lambing and looking after the young mothers in the first few days of parenthood.  I have also worked at a stable, and at a dairy farm – getting up early to milk hundreds of cows each day.  I have also spent a week working with a small animal vet, and loved the whole experience.

I have my own blog about my animal handling experiences – Other Peoples’ Animals. This is something I need to do to help with my application for vet school when the time comes, but I also enjoy helping my sister, Megan with Science Rocks.

My other passion is reading – I’m never far from a good book.  I also love listening to music, including Fallout Boys and Black Veiled Brides.  I love making science videos – they are great fun and really helped with my GCSE revision.  I’m 17 and just starting my A levels – science and maths.

My all time favourite quote is:

“You want weapons?  We’re in a library!  BOOKS! The best weapons in the world.” – The Doctor

Elizabeth O'Shea

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