About Science Rocks

About Science Rocks

The world of GCSE physics, biology and chemistry made exciting for kids by kids

We are Megan and Elizabeth, we are 15 years old and we are totally mad about science.

In 2013, Megan won a prize in the RockStar competition with her video on the Rock Cycle, which she made as a piece of Chemistry homework.  That inspired us to share our love of science by putting together this website.

In 2013, we also won the CGG Award for Maths or Statistics at the South East Regional Big Bang Science Fair and competed in the National Finals at the NEC in March 2014 with our project on Biometrics.  There were around 70,000 people attend the event, and although we only spoke to a fraction of that number, it was a great experience.

In July 2014, we competed again the the Big Bang South East Regional competition, with ‘Science Rocks’  as our project.  We were astounded to win 4 awards, and qualify for the National Finals in March 2015…. but let us tell you a little bit more in this short video….

There is loads of stuff out there for you to visit, read, watch and take part in, and on this site we hope to encourage you to see science as being a fun and interesting thing to do. We will be posting crazy science videos and interesting facts, and interviewing important scientists, so please keep visiting our page and remember………Science Rocks!


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